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The Long Dark Passes Kickstarter Goal


The Long Dark Passes Kickstarter Goal

With only three days left, The Long Dark passed it’s $200,000 CAD Kickstarter goal. The “first-person post-disaster survival sim” plans to feature both a free-form sandbox mode as well as a story driven campaign. It will take place in the forested Pacific Northwest and focus on realistic aspects of survival. The team plans to track many elements such as temperature, food and water, energy use and consumption. They also will feature challenging scenarios dealing with other survivors in a morally grey world.

Hinterland is made up of industry veterans from the AAA side of things. Raphael Van Lierop is the creative director and hails from Relic Entertainment. Technical Director, Alan Lawrance comes from Volition. Hokyo Lim worked at Riot Games and Giant Sparrow. He is the art director and worked on the beautiful The Unfinished Swan

While funding a Kickstarter campaign is inherently risky, this team at least has a lot of experience shipping good games. They also got some funding from the Canadian government that allowed them to prototype The Long Dark. The game looks really interesting and will hopefully come together as planned. Anyone wanting to jump in on the ground floor has just three more days. So check it out.

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