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Lone Survivor Director's Cut DLC Free for PC and Mac


Lone Survivor Director's Cut DLC Free for PC and Mac

Survival Horror indie title Lone Survivor may have released on PC last year, but developer Superflat Games is far from finished with the title. What was originally planned as a “very slightly updated version of the original” has turned into a full blown Director’s Cut. The Director Cut aims to represent Jasper Byrne’s original vision with no compromises and loads of new ideas. Ideas which will be coming to PC and Mac users for free, as long as you already own Lone Survivor, that is.

The Director’s Cut DLC will be fully compatible with your existing Lone Survivor save files. So if you’re like me and haven’t finished Lone Survivor quite yet (I’m not so good with scary games, okay?) , you won’t have to lose your progress just to see what new content the DLC has to offer.

Lone Survivor is one of the many horror games that I haven’t been able to finish, but the soundtrack and art style have been enough to keep it secured on my backlog. If you’re a little braver than I am, the Director’s Cut releases on October 31st, 2013.

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