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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Released


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Released

When one thinks of the most popular and consistently excellent video game series’ of the past half-decade or so, the LEGO games generally aren’t the first one many people think about. It’s too bad, because in many ways these titles provide fun gameplay for all levels and ages with their blend of kitschy humor and simple mechanics. Additionally, developer Traveller’s Tales is one of the very few developers who seems to have cracked the code with adapting licensed material into a video game format.

Well, LEGO is still going strong and we are fast approaching the release of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and a demo is now available through PSN and XBLA. For the PC crowd, you can get your demo from LEGO’s website. Based on what I’ve seen thus far, this brick looks sick!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is coming to the PS3, 360, Wii U, 3D….look, it’s for everything, okay? It’s set for release on October 22nd in North America and November 15th in Europe. It will also be coming to the PS4/XBox One in mid-November.

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