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Kirby 3DS Announced for Maximum Adorableness in the 3rd Dimension


Kirby 3DS Announced for Maximum Adorableness in the 3rd Dimension

The one newly announced title during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation was a new Kirby title for the Nintendo 3DS. This one is due to be a brand new adventure in the series that will take on a similar style of Kirby’s Return to Dream Land from 2011 on the Wii. Just as you would expect, it’s colorful, it’s adorable, and now it’s portable once again.

One of the big new features from Kirby‘s 2011 Wii adventure was the inclusion of four-play co-operative multi-player, but this was not present in the footage shown today, although the way Kirby’s name, icon, and health appears at the bottom of the screen may suggest a multi-player component. Instead, the newest confirmed feature seems to be the ability to phase between the background and the foreground, a la Mutant Mudds, and a new superpowered special ability that shows Kirby glowing like a miniature, spherical rave, sucking up everything in sight.

Finally, someone who sucks more than you.

Finally, someone who sucks more than you (I kid, you’re wonderful).

Interestingly enough, while Kirby games have consistently dabbled in the portable game market over the years, none of them have been in the traditional style of the original side-scrolling entries since 2002’s remake Nightmare in Dream Land. I used to play Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy over and over again all the time, and it seemed like the ideal portable game, so it’s nice to see it getting back into that rhythm and accessibility.

For now, there is no tentative title for the new Kirby game for the 3DS, nor a definite release date. The Nintendo Direct announcement only revealed that it would be released sometime in 2014. We will update you with more details on Kirby for the 3DS as soon as they emerge.

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