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Keep an Eye Out for Destiny Beta Codes!


Keep an Eye Out for Destiny Beta Codes!

A few weeks back, Bungie notified its fans that those who pre-ordered Destiny would be eligible to take part in beta-testing it.

Last night, Bungie let the cat out of the bag and told its fans via Facebook that they will be randomly posting beta codes each day this week on Facebook and Twitter.  The beta isn’t set to launch until early next year, but it’s nice to have a code and secure a spot so soon.

Bungie community manager Eric Osborne said last month that the beta is not being taken lightly and is being treated like a full-product launch. While the specific content of the beta has not been revealed, it is suggested that there will be a large and varied amount of content available, as Bungie wants to test as many facets of the game as possible. Rest assured, it seems fans will have a great beta to enjoy as they count down the days to release.

How excited are you all for Destiny?! Let us know!

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