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Ikaruga Greenlit for Steam, Some Hope for Humanity Yet


Ikaruga Greenlit for Steam, Some Hope for Humanity Yet

Last month, fan-favorite shmup, Ikaruga, silently went up on Steam Greenlight.  Fans of the game were baffled as to why such a fantastically solid shooter from a relatively prolific developer, Treasure, had to go through these avenues just to see release on Steam.  Either way, all fans knew was that the game needed to be voted on, and fast.

Turns out it was for the better as last night, Treasure announced on Greenlight and Twitter that the game officially got voted through meaning that Ikargua is now officially headed for Steam.

No word yet on pricing or a release date.  As announced with the original pitch, this Steam version will be the same as the XBLA version released years ago with touched up visuals and some extras.  In the meantime, let’s just take some solace in the fact that sometimes, good things happen to good game developers and Ikaruga can now be enjoyed by even more players around the world.

Treasure has also mentioned that they are very interested in seeing more of their catalog available on Steam, so stay tuned.

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