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Harvest BOOM – Professional Farmer 2014 Announced


Harvest BOOM – Professional Farmer 2014 Announced

Get ready for some EXTREME farming.

Simulation game developer UIG has just announced Professional Farmer 2014, set to be released by the end of November 2013. According to UIG’s press release, this game will RIP IT UP with features such as a detailed career mode, seasonal shifts, and multiplayer deathmatch realistic visuals and mechanics.

This game will be coming to stores and “digital download portals” soon, but nothing official has been announced. One thing which is certain however is that Professional Farmer 2014 promises a deep and rewarding gameplay experience as players have the chance to live out a dream — to conquer Europe…One field at a time.

At this time, the developer’s site specific to this game is not up, but you can find out more about UIG here.

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