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GTA Online Ready to Launch – Rockstar Provides Guide


GTA Online Ready to Launch – Rockstar Provides Guide

Back in late 2001, I used to get together with my friends every Friday night to have dinner, enjoy a few drinks, and take turns playing Grand Theft Auto III on my PS2. One night, we pondered the possibility of being able to play GTA as an online game and talked about how amazing that would be. Back then however, the idea seemed about as likely as flying cars. Well, that day has finally come. Tuesday October 1st is the day that GTA Online launches into the world. Anyone with a copy of GTA V is able to dive right in, create crews, and go buck wild in Los Santos.

The real question everybody has is whether or not it works properly. GTA V seems to be working well (especially considering its ridiculous scope) and Rockstar has included a handy guide on its Social Club News Board for players with questions about how to it all works. Rockstar is also trying to be proactive in dealing with griefers, cheaters, and trolls by laying out how they’ll be counteracting bad behavior (well, the kind of bad behavior that’s not part of the game anyway). Millions will be playing, so we’ll see how it goes.

Just about everybody around the office here is buzzing with anticipation to play GTA Online. We’ll certainly let you know if anything develops with the launch. Happy gaming!


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