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GTA Online Diaries: Stupid Fun with Friends


GTA Online Diaries: Stupid Fun with Friends

Everyone knows about Grand Theft Auto Online‘s shaky launch, but I’m here to talk about the fun I’ve been having with it since actually being able to login with all my buddies and take to the streets of Los Santos together. Rockstar’s games, especially the GTA series, always grab my attention for a much more extended period of time than many of the other games I play, and being able to hop online now only increases the time I’ll want spend in this soon-to-be evolving world. Rockstar has made it clear that there will be many changes and additions in the future, with an already ridiculous amount of content that I haven’t even fully discovered yet. I’m going to tell you how to have some easy fun in GTA Online. I’ll start by suggesting you login to the Social Club so you are able to easily check your friends Snapmatic for some added fun. The screenshots included in this article are from my crew’s adventures.

Cruising around on Seasharks is always fun.

Cruising around on Seasharks is always a blast.

My friends and I are constantly finding fun in odd places; sometimes we’ll just skydive out of a chopper down to the waverunners near the Del Perro Pier, and ride them around the impressively realistic waves, snapping photos, and listening to the well-synced radio stations along the way. Or we might spend an entire night looking for a Granger SUV, after discovering that you are able to hang off the sides and wield assault rifles, just like the NOOSE/FIB dudes do when you hit a four star wanted level. We found one, and as it turns out the driver can clip the people hanging from the sides on a lamp post, or anything really, and it never gets old to watch them get yanked off. We’re not gaining any points or money doing these things, there’s no goal or objective, and yet we’re having tons of fun. Actually, we lost a lot of money having fun, from all the hospital visits.

Myy giirl waants tooo party all the time, party all the time...

Myyy giirl waants tooo party all the time, party all the time…

This is what sandbox games are really about, isn’t it? Online gaming is how I keep in touch with my best friends from across the country, and GTA Online has felt more like actually hanging out than anything we’ve played together in recent memory. “What do you guys wanna do?” we’ll often ask each other while driving around, sometimes aimlessly. This isn’t a question I get to ask often enough in games. Usually, we know the drill; go kill the thing, go get the thing, go talk to the thing. What’s great though, is GTA Online has all that too. Go kill each other, race each other, parachute through courses, fight waves of enemies together; it’s all there if you just want to keep it structured. But I encourage you and your friends to come up with some stupid stuff to do together.

Got ahold of this custom Sheriff SUV, hopefully R* doesn't patch it out.

Got ahold of this custom Sheriff SUV, hopefully R* doesn’t patch it out.

Last night we decided to try out Rooster Teeth’s idea of bumper cars atop the Maze Bank Building. After splitting up to check all possible spawns of a Cargobob Helicopter, we found one and then started seeking out the Weeny Issi’s, Rockstar’s version of Mini Coopers. We got all required cars up top, and then tragedy struck. Another player flying around in a LAZER Fighter Jet started whizzing by, firing missles at us. Before we could even start, he blew up everything we had transported onto the roof. It was hilarious and frustrating at the same time, but mostly hilarious. It made the payoff even sweeter as we recollected everything and eventually engaged our bumper car battle a thousand feet up in the air. Now that I think about it, the actual bumper car part was the least exciting thing, none of us even tumbled off the edge like we were supposed to. It was all the car gathering and the jet thwarting our plans that made it so memorable.

My friend Casey takes a selfie as we prepare on the roof.

My friend Casey takes a selfie as we prepare on the roof. #flameboob

I’d love to hear some created games by the Twinfiknights, what are you guys doing to have fun in Los Santos? Give me some ideas, I’ll try them out with my crew and maybe I’ll talk about our experience on the next GTA Online Diaries. Next time I’m going to tell some awesome bounty hunting stories!


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