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Greenpeace Kickstarts Vitalis, an Adventure-RPG


Greenpeace Kickstarts Vitalis, an Adventure-RPG

Greenpeace, the eco-friendly non-governmental organization (NGO), is well-known for it’s environmental activism. But, in an interesting development, Greenpeace is trying to kickstart its first-ever video game, an adventure-RPG called Vitalis. Their stated goal is “to change human attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment.” Sounds like some good ol’ fashioned gamification to me.

Vitalis will feature hand-drawn art and, if the stretch goals are reached, voice acting and turn-based combat. There are apparently multiple paths to choose, but it kind of sounds like a Fable-style binary to me: you can be “good,” and fight against “unfriendly environment behavior,” or choose to be evil and ally with the likes of Big Oil. You can also avoid fighting altogether, choosing a more peaceful solution. Vitalis will also have puzzles and side quests throughout.

Can you gamify conservation, and if so, how does that translate to the real world? Will this game change people’s thoughts on global warming, or help them reduce their carbon footprint? Will it help save tigers, who are predicted to be extinct by 2025, not to mention all the other endangered species? Who knows, but I guess it’s worth a shot. The game, if funded, will be released on Windows and Linux, with ports to Mac and iOS if stretch goals are met. The kickstarter for Vitalis has a goal of £2,000, and you can donate any amount to the project here.

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