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Grand Theft Auto V DLC to feature San Andreas' CJ?


Grand Theft Auto V DLC to feature San Andreas' CJ?

At New York Comic Con, GTA V actor Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) told the audience that he is currently working on a project with Young Malay, the voice of Carl “CJ” Johnson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

During the Q&A the actors were asked which other video game character they would like to play. Fonteno replied with CJ from GTA: San Andreas, though he wasn’t saddened by it since he said he was currently working with Malay on a project.

When pressed further on what that project might be, Fonteno dodged the question and quickly changed the subject.

Perhaps the DLC release will coincide with the rumored PC release in 2014. Then again this project could be something entirely different but based on the Fonteno’s response it sounds more than likely. Judge for yourself! You can check out the entire GTA V NYCC panel here.


Source: IGN

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