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Grab Mamorukun Curse! for Half Off on PSN this Week


Grab Mamorukun Curse! for Half Off on PSN this Week

If you’re a fan of classic shoot-em-ups and the Playstation 3, there’s been a bit of slim pickin’s when it comes to the selection of games available for the console.  Most titles barely make it out of Japan, and those that do usually don’t get much further than the Xbox 360.  Luckily, over the summer, UFO released a bit of a hidden gem on Sony’s box in the form of Mamorukun Curse!, a shmup actually developed by half of the original team for the arcade classic, Ikaruga.  The game offered up a pleasant surprise with its unique adorable style and addicting classic gameplay, which probably flew under the radar for most.

The game has gone on sale this week for the asking price of a cool $9.99 on the Playstation Network, making it the perfect asking price for trying out.  If you’re certainly looking for something small to help tide you over in the doldrums of Fall while awaiting the new wave of games for this upcoming fall, you can’t go wrong picking up Mamorukun Curse! for this great price and giving it a shot– er, no pun intended.

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