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Frictional Games Releases Spooky New Teaser


Frictional Games Releases Spooky New Teaser

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs was great and all, but since it wasn’t developed by original studio Frictional Games, that means they’ve been up to something in the mean time. There’d been no indication of anything until now: an eerie, quiet teaser video named  ‘SOMA: Item #2656’ has appeared on their Youtube channel, and links to a new site. There’s talk of machines recovered in salvage missions, and a lot of recognisably sci-fi jargon. Could this mean Frictional intend to make the first ever scary sci-fi horror game (that’s fightin’ talk, Dead Space fans)? And what’s up with the ‘Recovering files’ progress bar on the site – what will happen when it reaches 100%?

Only time will tell.

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