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Forza 5 Showroom Floor Screens


Forza 5 Showroom Floor Screens

Forza has been a cornerstone in the Xbox’s successful lineup since the original iteration back in 2005. With the upcoming Xbox One, cars look prettier than real life and you can race them without getting sued  for involuntary manslaughter. Microsoft and Turn 10 has just released a collection of screenshots taken from the game itself which showcases some pretty great looking rides. While the cars look spectacular, I can’t help but notice the backgrounds –namely the outside level– which really don’t look that much different than what we see in games today. Then again, this is still early and Turn 10 has some time to polish the environments. The indoor environments look stunning, though. This is a racer I’m definitely excited to get my hands on once I can justify spending the $500 for the console it’s exclusive to.

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