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Final Fantasy VII Marked Down on Uplay


Final Fantasy VII Marked Down on Uplay

Around Twinfinite HQ yesterday, many of the staff had a spirited discussion about our favorite Final Fantasy title. Some of us love the old-school stuff (Final Fantasy VI), while others prefer the newer entries (XIII-2, take a bow), and then we have Chris who likes Final Fantasy V. *Shrugs*

One thing we’re all on the same page about however is that Final Fantasy VII is one hell of a classic. It’s recently been ported over to Steam and it’s on sale right now if you want to pick it up. Ubisoft’s Uplay service is now offering it for $3 (regular price $12). Even better, it gives you a Steam code so you don’t have to worry about having a bunch of gaming platforms open at the same time.

I picked up my copy of Final Fantasy VII just now and you should too. Own a piece of gaming history here.


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