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Enjoy 17 Minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay


Enjoy 17 Minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay

Today, Warner Brothers Montreal, the studio behind the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins released a 17-minute video of pure gameplay for your viewing pleasure.

Origins tells a story of Bruce Wayne in his earlier, lesser-experienced days as Batman as he grows into the experienced hero we know him to be. The game looks phenomenal. If you had any qualms about the game being handed over to WB Montreal from Rocksteady, set them aside now. Origins sure seems to boast the same high quality that fans have come to expect from the Arkham games, if not better. The game looks very familiar to returning fans, but appears to host quite a number of new gadgets and features that will renew veterans’ interests all over again. It even shows the Batcave!

Enjoy the video, it’s great! Batman: Arkham Origins and its handheld partner title Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate launch this Friday, October 25th. You can order your copies of Origins and Blackgate via Amazon!

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