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Edmonton Expo 2013 – Runthrough and Cosplay Gallery


Edmonton Expo 2013 – Runthrough and Cosplay Gallery

This past weekend, I attended the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, a weekend-long event celebrating anime, comic books, movies, books, and of course video games. I was there on Sunday to check it out and was pleasantly surprised by how well-attended and fun it was.

While this event was not specifically about video games, there was definitely gaming presence here. By far the biggest name on the docket, Edmonton-based developer BioWare (ever heard of them?) was in attendance. I spent a few minutes chatting with Richard Boisvert (Cinematics Designer) and Raylene Deck (Level Designer) about the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition which is being developed here in little old E-Town. They didn’t really have much to offer in the way of specifics because it’s still deep in development, but they did say they were confident that Inquisition would greatly expand on the previous games’ scope and character development.

No convention coverage would be complete without a gallery of amazing cosplayers. I was genuinely impressed by the effort this group put into their costumes… especially the Hotline Miami dude. *shudder* Check them out, along with some additional show floor pics from the Edmonton Expo, below.

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