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Devil Survivor Overclocked on PAL eShop


Devil Survivor Overclocked on PAL eShop

Probably the best news I’ve gotten all day, spectacular JRPG epic Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked will makes its way to the PAL region 3DS eShop starting October 10th thanks to the PAL localization team Ghostlight. For those overseas who have not had the time to go out to a store and pick it up, SMT:DSO is a tactics/first person battle RPG set in the infamous universe of demons and even stronger demons that originally came out for the original DS back in 2009. Anyone who has played any of the non-Persona games will find themselves comfortable with the still great battle system, inventory, and demon fusion, which is essentially evolving demonic Pokémon. Releasing digitally for £29.99, it is definitely worth checking out for the story alone. Good on you, Ghostlight.

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