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Constant C is Coming to XBLA


Constant C is Coming to XBLA

Constant C has been on my Desura account for a few months now and I really have to get around to playing it. Unfortunately, I’m a console gamer primarily and I just haven’t installed it yet. Fortunately, I might not have to. In a somewhat surprising move, 5pb (of Steins;gate fame) has partnered up with the developers to publish on Xbox Live Arcade in Spring 2014. I’m not sure where this partnership came from, but I always say that consoles need more cutesy robots wandering through deserted laboratories.

The game has a really interesting art style, and what sold me on the game was that Constant C is a puzzle platformer that looks a bit like Limbo mixed with Pid. I was intrigued enough to get a copy. Now I just need to get home and play it. Strange how news like this really fuels ones want to tackle their backlog. Constants

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