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Capcom Releases New Dead Rising 3 Trailer


Capcom Releases New Dead Rising 3 Trailer

Zombies have been a main staple of Halloween for a long time now and to celebrate, Capcom have released a new Dead Rising 3 trailer. Sentiment after the game was announced at E3 was slight concern that Capcom was taking Dead Rising in a more serious direction, but after watching this trailer, those fears can be dispelled.

Another bit of Dead Rising 3 news was the announcement of the DLC Season Pass, going for $29.99, which will be available at launch and gives players access to four DLC packs. The first one, “Operation Broken Eagle”, will be available for $9.99 late December, and the reamining three (“Fallen Angel,” “Chaos Rising,” and “The Last Agent”) will be arriving later.

Dead Rising 3 releases on Xbox One on November 22nd.

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