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First Five Minutes of BioShock's Burial at Sea Revealed


First Five Minutes of BioShock's Burial at Sea Revealed

Warning: If you would like to play Burial at Sea cold, that is, without any prior knowledge to it, I’d probably not read this, and I definitely would not watch the video, as it is literally the first five minutes of the DLC.

I loved BioShock: Infinite, so much so that I’ve written at length about some of its more existential themes, and it’s easily my choice for 2013’s game of the year. Yet to me, Columbia always paled in comparison to Rapture; while I enjoyed my time in the beautiful, sun-drenched, floating city, it quite simply wasn’t Rapture. Exploring dimly-lit, almost claustrophobic walk-ways in an underwater city on the verge of collapse created, for me at least, a more uniquely eerie atmosphere; the melancholic score, the art-deco architecture, the crumbling dystopia. It’s a matter of opinion, but I choose Rapture.

Burial at Sea, the upcoming, episodic BioShock: Infinite DLC, is a return to Rapture which, thanks to Infinite’s engine, looks better than ever. Irrational Games has released the achievement/trophy list for Burial at Sea. But what’s even more exciting is the five-minute sneak peak of Episode 1’s opening.

Set on New Year’s Eve, 1958, which fans will remember as a significant day in Rapture’s collapse (the beginning of the end, so to speak), the DLC is a self-contained narrative that will serve as a prequel to the first BioShock. Players will get a glimpse of Rapture before the fall, and then experience first-hand the rioting and chaos which eventually leads to the Civil War that tears the city apart. Players will also encounter familiar characters before they were driven mad by splicing, such as a (relatively) sane Sander Cohen.

The DLC features Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth in a two-part, film noir inspired detective story, although it is unclear whether they are the same Booker and Elizabeth. In the first episode, players assume the role of a private dick living in Rapture, one Booker T. DeWitt. A mysterious stranger, whom we immediately recognize as Elizabeth, hires him to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, whom I suspect has been turned into a Little Sister. In a cool twist, Episode 2 will allow you to play as Elizabeth, which should make for some interesting combat mechanics. Hopefully, release dates will be revealed soon.

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