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How British Got His Groove Back – Richard Garriott and Unity


How British Got His Groove Back – Richard Garriott and Unity

In his bid to become my official Favorite Person in the Video Game Industry, Ultima creator Richard Garriott (AKA: Lord British) is diving back headlong into game development after a period of management, followed by a period of space travel (seriously). Garriott was the keynote speaker at this year’s Unite Conference in Vancouver.


This event, organized by Unity Technologies, focuses on discussion of issues, possibilities, and ideas surrounding its proprietary engine. In an interview he gave with Games Industry International, Garriott discusses how using Unity has brought him back into game development with his Kickstarter-funded Shroud of the Avatar. The most exciting part of this interview is how he talks about the sharing culture associated with this development tool:

“If it had not been as broadly adopted by such a sharing community, Unity would not be nearly as powerful. Not nearly. Everyone is willing to give each other stuff for free, or for truly reasonable prices, then that again multiplies the power of everyone who’s working within Unity. To me, that’s a unique moment.”

My colleague Christopher Hadlock had the pleasure of hearing him speak at RTX this year, where he went into detail about the game itself (which is looking impressive and bold thus far). I can’t stress enough how exciting it is that Richard Garriott is feeling recharged and ready to get back to making games; if there were a Mount Rushmore for influential video game developers, he wouldn’t be out of place on it.

You can find out more about Shroud of the Avatar here.


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