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Blood Of The Werewolf Drops On Steam


Blood Of The Werewolf Drops On Steam

Blood of the Werewolf has passed the Steam Greenlight process and is now available. The seasonally appropriate game is a hardcore 2D platformer focusing on intense stages and massive bosses. You play as Selena, in both human and werewolf form, and go about murdering classic movie monsters in a quest to rescue your child. Featuring upgradable abilities, a speed run mode, and precise controls, this game has the masochistic design that encourages mastery. 

Blood of the Werewolf was developed by Scientifically Proven and published by Midnight City. Midnight City is a new publisher focusing on indie games and have eight more games announced. Blood of the Werewolf normally sells for $9.99 but is currently on sale for $7.99 until November 4th. Blood of the Werewolf (along with the Midnight City published Slender: The Arrival, which also came out today) shows a company that will hopefully give us a wide variety of experiences and many small studios a chance to shine. For impressions of some of their other games, take a look at this.

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