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Bioshock Infinite AMA For Burial At Sea


Bioshock Infinite AMA For Burial At Sea

The creative director of Irrational Games and the famed mastermind behind the immensely successful Bioshock series, Ken Levine, and the lead level designer Andres Gonzalez recently took to Reddit to answer quite a few questions about the upcoming DLC for the latest entry in the franchise, Bioshock Infinite titled Burial at Sea.

In the AMA, you can find Ken and Andres Gonzalez answering anything from future title plans to who did Ken hug last. The AMA in its entirety can be found right here so if you have been wanting to know more about Irrational Games and why neckbeards are the worst, check it out. Ken and Andres have lovingly gone into detail about what they are allowed to and it makes for a great (and pretty humorous) read.

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