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Battlefield 4 Beta Opens Today


Battlefield 4 Beta Opens Today

Is it the most wonderful time of the year? The Season of FPS (or winter as the old folks call it) begins today with the Battlefield 4 beta opening up to those who have pre-ordered the ‘Digital Deluxe’ edition for PC, have bought a Battlefield 3 Premium membership, or… bought the limited edition of Medal of Honor Warfighter. Life choices!

Featuring the Domination and Conquest game modes, DICE will be opening up the Siege of Shanghai map (as seen in the E3 trailer) which should leave plenty of room to try out the new ‘Levolution’: that is, the ability to destroy pretty much everything, and make use o f the world around you, such as closing shop shutters, turning off the lights, or blowing up an entire skyscraper. Whatever floats your boat.


The beta will also introduce ‘Battlepacks’, an official description from DICE being:

‘Random combinations of new camos, dog tags and more that gamers will earn by progressing through multiplayer and that add an all-new layer of persistence and chance to the multiplayer experience.’

Bit of a shrug from me on that one, but more customisation is always a good thing.

So if you’re one of the lucky ones, and don’t feel like playing GTA Online today for some reason, head on down to the Battlefield 4 beta. The beta opens up to all players on October 4th.

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