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Amnesia Devs Unveil SOMA, New Sci-Fi Horror Game for PS4


Amnesia Devs Unveil SOMA, New Sci-Fi Horror Game for PS4

Amnesia developer, Frictional Games, shared some details this morning about their new upcoming horror game, SOMA.  This new game will be set on a sci-fi stage, evoking some serious chills reminiscent of Alien or Event Horizon.

The game is played by a first person perspective, and despite being a sci-fi affair, once again puts the player in the shoes of a normal every day human being.  Creative director Thomas Grip says that he really wants to use the sci-fi stage to explore some subversive themes.

“The subject that SOMA will discuss is consciousness. Personally, I find it the most profound questions that it is possible to ask. “How can the feeling of subjective experience arise from a chunk of flesh?” Exploring this further takes us to questions such as “Can machines be conscious?” and “Do we have free will?” It quickly gets very disturbing, and is ideal for a futuristic horror setting. It is the kind of sci-fi that we want to make.”

He also announced today that SOMA will be arriving on the PS4 when it releases in 2015.  Sony’s really pulling out the big guns when it comes to nailing down big name indie devs for their next-gen console.

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