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3DS Sales Hold Steady, Even Wii U Sales Improve


3DS Sales Hold Steady, Even Wii U Sales Improve

Nintendo’s 3DS is still selling like hotcakes: it’s the best-selling game system in the U.S. for the fifth month in a row. Not only that, but the Wii U, which did rather poorly in its first year on the market, has seen sales improve following a price cut. You can basically hear Nintendo breathing a collective sigh of relief as the make-or-break holiday season draws near.

This is no doubt at least partially due to the October 12 release of Pokemon X and Pokemon YAccording to Nintendo, they sold over 4 million units worldwide in the first two days. Whether the 2DS handheld, which was released on the same day, is faring as well will be discussed in next month’s sales report.

Most impressively, Nintendo’s next-generation console, the Wii U, which sold so poorly that many publishers pulled games from it, has seen a recent rise in sales. In September, Nintendo reduced the price of the deluxe set by $50, bringing the suggested retail value down to $299.99. Apparently, that was a good move: sales in September increased by more than 200% compared to sales in August.

Whether these sales will continue when Sony and Microsoft launch their next-gen offerings is yet to be seen.

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