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2013's IndieCade Winners Announced


2013's IndieCade Winners Announced

IndieCade is the Sundance Festival of the video game industry. Indie developers show their games and compete for awards, four of which are Best of Show honors: the Developer’s Choice Award, the Media Choice Award, the Audience Choice Award, and the Grand Jury Award.

The Developer’s Choice Award, chosen by indie game developers themselves, was given to Killer Queen Arcade, a 10-player team-based retro-platformer inspired by the likes of Mario Bros., and housed in actual arcade cabinets. The winner of the Media Choice Award was TowerFall, an archery combat platformer for up to 4 players made for the virtual arena of the Ouya console, but also available on PC come 2014. The self-explanatory Audience Choice Award was given to Slash Dash, a 2v2 capture-the-flag game in which you play as ninjas.

The most prestigious award, the “Best of Best of Show,” if you will, is the Grand Jury Award. This was awarded to Quadrilateral Cowboy. The winners of 2013’s other awards can be viewed here. If you’d like to check out what else was nominated this year, or find out information about next year’s festival, visit IndieCade’s site.

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