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10 Games Idea Factory Could Bring West


10 Games Idea Factory Could Bring West

It has been a day since Idea Factory International has been announced. As the only person on staff that actually is intrigued by the company, I’ve been a bit giddy about what possibilities could come from this Japanese company’s expansion in to California. We still have no idea whether this is just an attempt at strengthening its ties with western publishers, or whether it is a start at cutting through the middle man. With that being said, the former head of NIS America is in charge, and seeing NIS expand their brand in the west really makes me confident that Idea Factory is looking for a big push.

I’d like to think that Idea Factory would want to replicate NIS America’s success, so I’ve started jotting down a list of games that could be on the horizon for us. Below are some of the games I feel have a better than naught chance of coming to the west.

Most Likely To Be Localized


Fairy Fencer F (フェアリーフェンサー エフ)

Console: PS3
Company: Compile Heart

I would be out of my mind if I didn’t start this off with a new game built in the same engine as Hyperdimension Neptunia. I say that as a compliment, because no matter what you say about the Neptunia games, they are working that engine to get the thing better and better with each new game. Since Fairy Fencer F is releasing in a few days, we’ll have to keep a look out at Famitsu, but the game looks promising.

I’m giddy to try out the card system they’ve implemented and with the diverse cast of what looks to be a ghost girl, a robot cat and a mech, which is fairly typical Idea Factory zaniness, Fair Fencer F could be a fresh new IP to plow through.

Amnesia (アムネシア)

Console: iOS, Android, PSP, PS Vita
Company: Otomate

This is the only Otome game on my Most Likely list and there is a reason; it is the only one franchise outside of Hakuoki that has a real chance in the US. I say that because Amnesia is on the full list of portables, so if Sony stonewalls Idea Factory for some reason, then it can go straight up on the iOS and Android markets. Since the franchise is relatively new (2011) and they have made sequels and expansions, this has a real chance for those ladies out there needing more bishies.

As for the story? Well if the title doesn’t explain it all to you, it is about waking up without any memories and I’m sure something else happens. Honestly, its not about the trope, but the journey and this seems popular enough to be worth paying attention to. It does have an anime for those that want to further explore the series.
Mugen Souls

Mugen Souls Z (圧倒的遊戯ムゲンソウルズZ)

Console: PS3
Company: Compile Heart

I kinda liked the original Mugen Souls. It had issues with the censorship and pacing, but it was an RPG that felt like Disgaea and I really do like Disgaea. So when a sequel was released for Japan, I logically thought there might be some big announcement from NIS America about a localization. The big shows however have come and gone, so it seems that there are only a few questions left for the game. Will NIS America sit this one out with rumors of low sales of the original being thrown all around? If they did, I really doubt that Idea Factory would let the series die out in the west when the Japanese sales have been fairly positive.

NIS America is planning one final conference later this year so there is still a chance that this falls under their umbrella, however if there is one title that might be moving back in to Idea Factory’s hands, I’d put my money on Mugen Souls Z.

Monster Monpiece (限界凸騎 モンスターモンピース)

Console: PS Vita
Company: Compile Heart

Monster Monpiece is this interesting card game RPG that pits legendary monsters (re-imagined as cute girls) against each other. With about 50 artists picking up the art and a solid looking engine, I would be remiss to think that Idea Factory would want this to still sit in Japan. The only catch is this bizarre Vita stroking minigame which has you stroke up and down the screen to “seal” the cards. That might need some looking at.

Maybe it is just because I really want to play some better card games that I’ve placed this higher up on the list, but it could work here. Bah, maybe that’s just wishful thinking. It likely should bump down to the lower categories of this list.

There Is A Slim Chance To Be Localized


Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP (神次元アイドル ネプテューヌPP)

Console: PS Vita
Company: Compile Heart

If Sega hadn’t released that Hatsune Miku game on the PS3, I probably wouldn’t have even thought twice about this game coming over. The chance would have been extremely low. That game did come out, which means there is an actual chance that Hyperdimension Neptunia‘s idol sim could come out here in the west.

With the PS Vita still struggling to identify itself in the west, here is as good of an opportunity as any to offer something unique to highlight the potential. I said to myself that I wouldn’t be doing any of Idea Factory’s main series, but I think NIS America would be hesitant to publish this one without some of Idea Factory International’s push. The overlord’s at NIS America are apparently aware of the game, so it isn’t completely all hopeless.

Record of Agarest War: Mariage (アガレスト戦記 Mariage)

Console: PSP
Company: Compile Heart

The Agarest series had been doing pretty well for Aksys Games. All 3 console titles have been localized and we have a rare PC port coming out tomorrow from Ghostlight. That all being said, would they be looking to port over an RPG this late in the game for the PSP. I’d like to say no, but Mariage does look to be like an interesting title in the franchise. There doesn’t seem to be any connection between this engine and the ones used inn the previous games.

In fact, I’d argue that this looks to be the best looking game in the series. Has the series run its course though in the West? This game is from 2012 and if it were to get localized, I honestly believe we would have heard from somebody by now. As someone that plays his PSP regularly, I’d like to think a final push could come. Realistically though, there is only a small chance.

Diabolik Lovers

Console: PSP, PS Vita
Company: Otomate

Unfortunately, Diabolik Lovers doesn’t have the mobile phone support that it’s bigger brother Amnesia has. Because of that, it is a bit less likely to succeed. Still, here is another hot new franchise from Otomate that thematically could do very well in the west. It’s a girl stumbles in to a pretty boy vampire playground type of story, which we all know is a successful formula here in America. I believe we will see this in some form as it does have an anime and manga attached to it.

Still, I’m somewhat hopeful for the game as the audio is simply delicious and the story looks like it would be great to burn through.

Not Likely At All To Be Localized, But I’m Intrigued


Apocalypse – Desire Next (アポカリプス ~ディザイア ネクスト~)

Console: Xbox 360
Company: Never Land

An Xbox 360 SRPG still has a good chance of being localized. Unfortunately, Atlus tried and failed with that in 2008 with their back to back release of a trio of SRPGs in Spectral Force 3, Zoids Assault, and Operation Darkness. Arguably the weakest of the three was the Idea Factory game Spectral Force 3. Since this game came out in the same year, that fear is probably still crippling Apocalypse and the final forgotten Idea Factory 360 SRPG Diario.

Yet, out of the 3 games, Apocalypse always looked to be the more interesting game with a more unique style. I always go out of my way to play an interesting new SRPG, and while this isn’t exactly new, I’d still be interested in playing it. Maybe as a Games on Demand title?

Date-A-Live (デート・ア・ライブ 凜祢ユートピア)

Console: PS3
Company: Super Sting

Unfortunately for all of us, Sony America isn’t going to let a Visual Novel through on the PS3. If they did, IF they did, the first game coming through likely wouldn’t be Date-A-Live. That’s a shame since I’m a fan of Sting, but I can’t see it coming out here under any circumstances.

That being said, it does have an anime that is currently streaming and there is a brand name behind it. I once made a claim that we would never get a traditional dating sim on a console, and I was proven wrong with Hakuoki. I don’t know how, but Idea Factory games seem to shock everyone, so while this isn’t likely, it is going up on the list since Idea Factory is trying to push into the anime market. We’ll likely see a DVD release, but as we’ve seen in the past, this game will need a prayer to come west.



Console: PSP, PS2
Company: Lupinus

In a world where Senran Kagura is getting localized, I’d like to think that NUGA-CEL still has a chance, but I think we’re on the last leg of the PSP. By the time the company is up and running and localizing, there is little to no chance a SRPG focused around girls clothes exploding. You and I both know there is a market for this, but seeing as how nobody has stepped up to tackle the 2010 SRPG with some ok art assets, I think we’ve passed the opportunity for a localization even if it was a PSN release.

That being said, I figured I would end this with the oddest game I could find in Idea Factory’s backlog that honestly could potentially be released in the west, even if it is the slimmest of margins. Idea Factory is a company comprised of ridiculous ideas put in to concept and I couldn’t end this on something like another otome game that likely has an even slimmer margin. It had to be a big one, and an SRPG where women’s clothes explode as a selling point, well that seems like the place to leave on.

Already Coming

I guess I should end this list on what you should be expecting from Idea Factory in the near future. Through the various distributors, these games have been confirmed for the west.

Aksys Games:

Hakuoki – Memories of the Shinsengumi
Date: September 26, 2013
Console: 3DS
Developer: Otomate

Sorcery Saga – Curse of the Great Curry God
Date: Winter 2013
Console: PS Vita
Developer: ZeroDiv


Agarest – Generations of War
Date: October 3, 2013
Console: PC (Steam)
Developer: Compile Heart

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