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Xbox One – Horizontal or Bust


Xbox One – Horizontal or Bust

Console orientation is usually a matter of how you arrange your gaming space. Oftentimes, having the option to switch from vertical to horizontal and back is taken for granted — we never really think about it since it’s always been a convenience. But if you’ve been picking out that perfect spot to stand your Xbox One vertically, you may want to rethink its placement.

In an interview with Gamespot, Microsoft’s Albert Panello mentioned that due to the slot loading drive, the Xbox One was not designed for vertical orientation. He said that anyone who placed their Xbox in this fashion would be doing so “at their own risk”. Interestingly enough, he also revealed that around 80% of players prefer vertical orientation. If this is a serious, deal-breaking issue for you, you might want to consider the PlayStation 4 which will support both orientations in spite of its slot loading drive.

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