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Toon Link Is Playable In New Super Smash Bros.


Toon Link Is Playable In New Super Smash Bros.

Probably the reason I will eventually buy a Wii U. and currently the reason I still own a 3DS is for the new Smash Bros. game. With its promising visuals, updated combat, (no more clone characters) and being released simultaneously on Nintendo’s newest console and handheld, the latest installment is looking exponentially more promising as more information is released.

Just revealed was a new playable character in the form of Toon Link a la Wind Waker. It sort of makes sense with, well, Link is a prized Nintendo possession, but also with the release of Wind Waker HD available for download on the Wii U. Since regualr Link has already been confirmed, does this mean we’ll see different versions of multiple characters again? I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on Dr. Mario one more time. . .

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