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TGS – Strider Hands-On Preview


TGS – Strider Hands-On Preview

I love the original Strider titles, despite their immense difficulty. They’re fun, solid games. Naturally, I’m excited for the new one coming out to PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year. I played through the TGS demo with intuitive ease. Didn’t need to spend too much time to know that you could jump and slash, and that’s really the core of what you’ll be doing. Scattered about in your way as you progress will be powerups that unlock more and more ways to move about (I assume I played one of the first levels if not THE first one). I rushed through, like the American I was as everyone before me took their time killing each every enemy and stopping to pray at their corpse or some shit.

No, not for me. I slashed them, somersaulted overhead, threw projectiles at them, anything to get through the three bosses to finish the demo as I had other things to do. As well as prove that I’m pretty bitching at Strider. The first two bosses were pretty simple, just bad guys with more armor and crazier attacks. I dodged and rapidly attacked them from the back to defeat them. The final part, I call a boss but really was just a platforming stage in itself. I rode a giant, dragon, robot, thing, defeating machine gun turrets and dodging bombs that came out of nowhere to bash the cores by its head in. It made absolutely no sense, but it was fun, well-made, and awesome. Be on the lookout for Strider in 2014.

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