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TGS – Showfloor Picture Gallery


TGS – Showfloor Picture Gallery

It’s always fun and exciting to be at conventions and see just what sort of bright lights and loud noises will be there to overwhelm you into loving the next big games. I for one, welcome our new electronic overlords. This year was a banner year for Twinfinite and we took pictures of TGS so you could experience it with us in all its wonder. I have to tell you, TGS shares many similarities with its Western counterparts but there were a few random observations I’ve made.

Firstly, the gender discrepancy seems smaller here at TGS. I feel like there are more women attendees as well as professionals at TGS than at either PAX or E3 which I assume is because video games have much less of a social stigma here than in the US. After all, video games is an industry that put Japan on the global map in the first place and Nintendo did rank number 1 in best places to work in terms of social status here. Secondly…Well actually aside from the whole man/woman thing, all the other observations are small in comparison. No trash cans, no tickets, whole bunch of magazines and pamphlets being handed out, odd events taking place simultaneously on the show floor like concerts, all very new to me.

Well without further stalling, here’s our TGS 2013 Showfloor Picture Gallery.

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