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TGS – J-Stars Victory VS Hands-On Preview


TGS – J-Stars Victory VS Hands-On Preview

There will always be a part of me that jumps immediately at the brawler titles that pit you and a friend in a fighting match against or together. As such, I poked Matt and skipped the hell out of the line (by mistake) to check out J-Stars Victory VS. No idea what it was, just saw Goku and said, “Oh hell yeah.”

The best way to describe J-Stars Victory VS is that it’s Shonen Jump propaganda. A fighter that featured (to us at the time of the demo) six characters from popular anime and manga titles from Shonen Jump (Goku, Ichigo, One Piece Guy, Blue Haired Dude, and finally Other Blue Haired Dude). It allowed up to two players and you can be teamed up or pitted against one another in a fighting match that spanned a big area.

Think the Budokai series, except with worse controls. I felt that the game didn’t respond well to my commands a lot of the times and certain decisions made very little sense. Why is it only two players if your entire team can consist of three characters? Why would you choose a camera that blinds you when you reach an edge of the map? Why is there a moment of invulnerability when you get knocked down? Things like these really slow the pace of something that should be quick and seamless. It’s a fighting game with anime characters, you’ve seen how they fight. It should be nonstop action.


Other minor things that become big when they’re multiplied bugged me. For example, the fact that buildings can be smashed into and destroyed is great, but the ways in which they break aren’t pretty. Very PS2 era stuff. I would otherwise absolutely love this game, as I’m a huge fan of anything that features DBZ characters as well as team based matches. If this were Super Smash Bros. quality… Oh man. But as it is, we made the fun out of the game ourselves, be it by saying things like, “what happened there?” and “wait, why am I doing this?” When games have you doing that, it means there’s very little substance to them that you’re going to be able to find the fun playing it alone. I’m not sure if J-Stars Victory VS will be releasing in the US and like most of the games we’re seeing at TGS, that may be a good thing.

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