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TGS – Hands-On With the New PS Vita


TGS – Hands-On With the New PS Vita

I got a little hands-on time with the new PS Vita and I’ve got to say, I’m regretting my early adoption of the original Vita.

The new model, equipped with a larger LCD screen is much rounder, lighter, and thinner. It feels much more fragile than the current model and the noticeable decrease in weight was really jarring when I first got my hands on it. The screen looks crisper but in the dark showroom it’s really hard to tell the validity of that statement and whether it really was the screen or it was the conditions in which I viewed them.

The console itself felt odd to me. It’s lighter, thinner build made me more cautious of its frailty, but a minimized rear touchpad allowed more of my hands to grasp it from behind (teehee). I much prefer this change. Additionally, the rounder design of the overall console is interesting and welcome. It feels like a much more consumer friendly piece of equipment that, dare I say it, looks pretty cute. The buttons are rounder, the D-Pad is rounder, the home button is nicer to press down on.

All in all, the newer design feels slick and insanely lighter (I can’t stress that enough!) and much better suited for mass consumption. If you have the now older model, I don’t think a change is super necessary. However, if you’re thinking about picking up a Vita and turned off by many of the original’s design aesthetics, the new model is at the very least better suited for actual portability.

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