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TGS – God Eater 2 Hands-On


TGS – God Eater 2 Hands-On

God Eater is Namco Bandai’s addition to the MonHun genre with a post-apocalyptic take in which an elite team of hunters, or “God Eaters” go out into the destroyed land to fight giant monsters in a team. Or at least I think it is, I’ve actually never played the original (though I did get it free via PS Plus). The sequel continues where the original left off and with the added power of the Vita’s hardware, looks better than ever.

I believe the draw of the original was its single-player campaign and the single mission I played definitely was something I carried on by myself along with the help of competent AI allies. The arena was big, the monster even bigger, and the combat was fun, with the ability to switch between guns and swords, although the gun in question is more a cannon, and the sword some sort of demonic lance. The character designs were more anime than anything, so naturally I dug it. However, combat is the same sort of MonHun gameplay with team battles against giant beasts and then devouring them. Literally. Your weapon eats the carcass of the fallen beast, hence the name “God Eater“, to gather valuable resources. It’s still not from my sort of genre, but it definitely looks good, and if the Monster Hunter series isn’t for you, then know that you have creative alternatives in God Eater 2.

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