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TGS – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Hands-On Preview


TGS – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Hands-On Preview

After playing J-Stars Victory VS, I was wary of everything else at the Namco Bandai booth. As a huge DBZ fan, I just HAD to play Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, though. It’s a lot like Budokai Tenkaichi, which is welcome as the series is fantastic. What I was able to play was a mission from the Saiyan Saga that put me on a battlefield against Nappa and some Saibamen. I chose from Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Gohan, and Tien and whoever I didn’t choose appeared to be battling alongside me as I faced the brute of a saiyan.

I couldn’t understand a lot of the menus, but from what I could see there will be story archs to follow with these missions as well as something called “Multi Mission.” I can only assume this means multiplayer missions, but it wasn’t choosable so I couldn’t say for sure. I had a lot of fun playing it and felt that it was easy enough that new fans of the DBZ games will be able to jump right in. The only big issue I had was that when you knock someone down, they get some seconds of invincibility for some reason. Really breaks up the action and was a huge issue I saw with J-Stars Victory VS, as well. But in any case, if you like previous DBZ entries, you’ll like Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z and can expect it in 2014 for the PS3, Vita, and Xbox 360.

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