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TGS – Cosplay at Tokyo Game Show 2013


TGS – Cosplay at Tokyo Game Show 2013

A whole bunch of cosplayers were there for the first public day of TGS and though we didn’t have time to go around and photograph each and every one of the costumed masses, we got a few just to show you the stuff we saw while walking the floor. Stray observations: It took about a minute to prepare each photo because the cosplayers wanted to always look their best; it must be a pain in the ass to be ready for photographers the whole day. There was a special area outside, where I suppose professional cosplayers did their shoots and the photographers were pretty hardcore as well. I mean, I saw one guy bring his own photography umbrella thing, you know, for reflecting light and stuff? Well either way, Yami took all these photos and people seemed to respond positively to a 5’2″ Cuban woman asking for photos as opposed to if I, a 6’1″ sweaty Asian nerd, asked for photos.

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