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Steam Family Sharing Coming Soon


Steam Family Sharing Coming Soon


The ever present question with digital games and platforms is “How can I share this with other people?” It may not even be people all of the time, perhaps just family or anyone you live with. Valve recently announced the launch of Steam Family Sharing, which will essentially allow your close friends and family members to play your games while allowing them their own achievements and progress.

Family Sharing is quite simple, only requiring you to authorize other computers before your games can be played on them. You’ll also be able to request authorization from your computer if you’re interested in playing someone else’s game. It’s important to note, however, that you won’t be able to “lend” your friend a multiplayer game and play with them. In fact, you can’t play a game at the same time as one of your borrowers, or vice-versa. As far as limits go, you can authorize up to 10 other devices for sharing and this will share your entire library — not just specific games.

Steam is giving players a great opportunity to finally share their library with their friends. This could be a move in the more “share-friendly” direction the gaming community has been demanding since the reveal of the new consoles. Either way, the players end up winning. If you’d like to check out Steam Family Sharing and sign up for the beta, you can do so here.

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