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Pokémon X & Y Evolved Starters and Trainer Customization Revealed


Pokémon X & Y Evolved Starters and Trainer Customization Revealed

The hype train is only getting faster and faster with more space for every Pokémon fan to hop on. The latest trailer from The Pokémon Company has unveiled the second evolution forms of the starters, which look superb by the way. I know I had my heart set on Chespin before, but the evolved Froakie looks too awesome. I’m definitely going to have to take some time to toil over these very important and earth-shattering decisions.

Additionally, the trailer shows off trainer customization, which seems to have enough variety to make your trainer completely different from someone else’s, thankfully. Trainers will be fully customizable from their outfits to their hats to the hairstyles. If the developers took a hint from the success of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can probably expect wardrobes of clothing and accessories to don.

Lastly, several new forms of Pokémon have been shown. Several different monsters will have very different appearances based on their gender, the hairy dog-looking Frufrou can be groomed for a variety of looks, Garchomp has a Mega evolution, and the previously revealed Mega Mewtwo is simply Mega Mewtwo Y. This trailer unveils Mega Mewtwo X, yet another special form for the legendary Pokémon. Presumably, they will be exclusive to each corresponding game. We will continue updating you as more details about Pokémon X and Y are revealed.

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