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PAX13 – Titanfall Hands-On Impressions


PAX13 – Titanfall Hands-On Impressions

Titanfall 2

I’ve been waiting a long time to get my hands on Respawn’s Titanfall ever since its reveal at E3 earlier this year. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this title, and I am happy to say that it feels great and lives up to that hype. It seemed to be running on PC rigs hidden away from the public eye, unlike many of the other titles that have Xbox One units displayed. I was using an Xbox One gamepad though, which feels great. It ran smoothly the entire time, without any framerate chugging at all, despite the absolute madness of the giant mech-like Titans exploding into pieces all over the battlefield.

Class selection is separated into sections. First, I chose my soldier’s class; I went with a CQC class for most of the match, wielding a shotgun and a pistol. Every class also seemed to have some kind of Titan-destroying weapon assigned on the left button on the d-pad; mine was a rocket launcher that locks-on to targets after a few seconds. Next, I chose my Titan; I went with the explosives class, which had slow firing but devastating rockets. From there, we hopped quickly into a match. The introduction felt sort of like an in-game campaign cutscene, and then the real fight began.

My favorite part of Titanfall is the quick and easy mobility of the standard soldiers. I was instantly running and double jumping from building-to-building, sneaking behind my enemies to shotgun them in the back or snap their neck. I kept hearing that you can easily make it across the map without ever touching the ground, and this is completely accurate. It’s as easy as pointing where you want to go and tapping the jump button a couple of times. I spent the match jumping on top of enemy Titans with ease, ripping off their protective cover and shooting the enemy mech’s core until it explodes into bits, at which point I was launched way up into the air, and landed on another Titan to do it all over again.


Piloting a Titan actually feels fairly similar to the soldier class, with the exception of the ability to jump. You can tap the jump button to dash around in any direction, which does not hinder the pace, fortunately.

As the match came to a close, the “epilogue” began, in which the losing team was forced to try to escape in a ship that shows up on everyone’s HUD. Being on the winning team, we hunted them down as they tried to flee, but a couple of them escaped! No matter, because our remaining Titans just blew up the escaping ship before it was able to. We wiped them all out, and it was an absolute blast. Titanfall was very high on my radar coming into PAX, and it remains near the top spot for my most anticipated game of the next generation. You can expect it on Xbox One and PC in Spring of next year.

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