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PAX13 – Telepath Tactics Impressions


PAX13 – Telepath Tactics Impressions


Customizable campaign, environment manipulation, and local multiplayer. Oh my.

Have you ever played Fire Emblem? How about Disgaea, XCOM, or Final Fantasy Tactics? Yes? Okay, good, then you’ll instantly feel familiar with Telepath Tactics. The world is the sort of “fantastical knights and magic” world these sort of games love taking place in. But don’t call it magic. Telepathy is the name of the game (hence the title), and while it acts as an interesting replacement, it’s virtually the same sort of range vs. melee strategic gameplay you’ve seen before. With the recent popularity of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and the rebirth of the Fire Emblem franchise, there has never been a better time for SRPGs. However, for those of you with a bent towards indie sensibilities and full creative control over your troops, then no other experience gets you as close to that dream as Telepath Tactics does.

That’s not the main draw of Telepath Tactics though, or at least not for me. You see, for me, it’s all about control. I want to control the battlefield with the resources I’ve been given, not work around them. It’s a subtle difference, but with Telepath Tactics’ destructible environmental hazards, and bridge creation, the battlefield is yours to control from your armchair. If these systems work as well as I saw them during the PAX demo, mastering the battlefield, which I’ve seen become massive, is a challenge well worth undertaking.

It’s the user-generated content that has me most excited for Telepath Tactics. With map and campaign customization options, add in local multiplayer so you and up to six of your buddies can create a battlefield to wage war against each other, and you’ve got yourself an SRPG to look out for.

The game is looking towards a 2014 release for PC

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