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PAX13 – Takedown: Red Sabre Preview


PAX13 – Takedown: Red Sabre Preview


The FPS genre is flooded with fast-paced gameplay, encouraging players to sprint into the action and engage before your opponent does. Takedown: Red Sabre, developed by Serellan and published by 505 Games, is bringing back a more tactically focused experience to PC players who miss games like the original Rainbow Six and SWAT.

Takedown employs some mechanics that hardcore players will love, including quick kills and no health regeneration, wall collision when aiming, and a full bullet penetration system. I had a chance to watch some gameplay and spoke to one of the developers from Serellan. He explained the various armor types, which changes your mobility and protection against incoming fire. A player with more armor will be more easily taken down with different variations of ammo, such as armor-piercing rounds. He even mentioned that with the right type of ammo, you are able to shoot through corners of certain walls.

Takedown 2

The gameplay I watched was extremely slow. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just for a certain type of player. Takedown is geared towards those who wish to play with a small squad; communication is key. With a focus on indoor battles, leaning around corners is slightly terrifying, because it doesn’t take much to kill you, at which point you are perma-dead, unless your squad has the correct supplies to revive you. I watched a squad of four players work cooperatively to clear out a building full of what I would assume to be some kind of terrorists. Serellan wants to keep a focus on non-linearity, with multiple paths to clear out each map, and AI that won’t follow the same path every time.

Single player, co-op, and competitive multiplayer are all available modes of play. The focus seems to be on a standard deathmatch, but there is also objective based play, the dev mentioned a bomb defusing mode. Fans of old school shooters, sick of the run-and-gun gameplay of today’s FPS games will find likely find Takedown: Red Sabre to be right up their alley. The game releases on September 20th, 2013 for Steam and XBLA.

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