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PAX13 – Sights For Seeing From PAX Prime 2013


PAX13 – Sights For Seeing From PAX Prime 2013


Probably the best thing about PAX

I remember going to my first PAX last year and having to escape back out into the relatively subdued quiet of the hallways outside after only a few minutes. To save all of you that didn’t get a chance to go to PAX this year that level of anxiety, we took a literal metric crapton (which is an actual scientific unit of measurement) of pictures from all around the showfloor, convention center, and downtown Seattle in general. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for more pictures and vines, too! Now you can see all the sights from the comfort of your bedrooms and you don’t even have to put any pants on! (PAX is super weird about always having your pants on. No idea why.)

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