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PAX13 – Samurai Gunn Hands-On Preview


PAX13 – Samurai Gunn Hands-On Preview


There was one title that took me completely by surprise at PAX Prime this year: Samurai Gunn. I had never heard of it and constantly saw a crowd of people huddled around it, playing, laughing, and screaming. I barely played any games at PAX, but Samurai Gunn was one of them. Holy snaps, am I glad it was.

Think Towerfall but without the pointing of arrows. You’re a samurai equipped with a sword and a gun that fires three bullets. The gun can only shoot in front of behind you, but the sword slashes in four directions as you try to defeat your three opponents on the map. It’s fast-paced, as one hit will kill you, and it’s highly addictive. I had to have played five more rounds than I should have just because it was too fun to put down. You’re given a set amount of lives and thrust into a level that will have you clambering to kill your enemies before they kill you. Friendships will be broken. Alliances will be tested. An amazing time will be had.


I can’t explain it any simpler, it’s just a fun indie title that knocked me out when I played it. I was transported into a time when couch multiplayer reigned supreme and you could challenge your friends to a battle of wits and laugh right in their faces when you win. To say I’m excited for it is an understatement. We had to give it a Drool Award because simple, fun, exciting gameplay like that is often overlooked in a world with more than just two buttons to press.

You can expect Samurai Gunn on PC “this holiday season” and PS4/ Vita in 2014. More information can be found on its site, here!

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