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PAX13 – ‘Rumble Academy’ Prototype Hands-On Preview


PAX13 – ‘Rumble Academy’ Prototype Hands-On Preview

Just your average teenagers.

Just your average teenagers.

We can never get enough of the games that let us get together with friends on a couch and just duke it out. The developers at Big Paw Games are working on just the thing to fill that need with their new title Rumble Academy, an indie, four-player, 3-D brawler, coming to you straight out of Sydney.

Rumble Academy pits four players against each other in a 3-D arena, not unlike Power Stone. For a game having only been in development for three weeks, it looks very nice. Currently, there are four different playable characters, each with their own special weapons and ranges. I got the chance to play as Celeste, a pink-haired girl armed with an equally adorable shotgun.

Naturally, she was a long-range character, while others fought at a closer range. Pressing the A button on the Xbox 360 controller allows characters to dash out of the way of incoming attacks, which was pretty useful, but a little awkward in its present state. Other than their attacks and dashes, there wasn’t much else to the combat. The object of the game was basically to knock your opponents off the stage.

My school was exactly like this too.

My school was exactly like this too.

In Super Smash Bros., a percentage counted the amount of damage received, but in Rumble Academy, this is present as a meter. I couldn’t tell right away what the increased damage did, but I think it made my character more susceptible to knockback. The environment did contain some chairs and tables to be knocked around in the midst of battle, presumably to show off some of the physics, but the set pieces didn’t do much else.

Rumble Academy has the elements of a solid 3-D brawler, but it’s too early in development right now to see if they’ll be expanded upon properly. Considering the product they had at the moment though, I think something pretty special could be made with time. The developers are shooting for a PC release in 2014, so we will keep you updated as more details come around.

For more information on Big Paw Games, feel free to check them out right here.

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