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PAX13 – Our Drool Award Winners


PAX13 – Our Drool Award Winners


Ah, once again it’s time to announce our Drool Award winners. We over-think who to give these to and only choose a select few to brand as “drool worthy.” Trust me when I say we can get into heated debates and take way too long to come up with the answers, so these games are the ones you should definitely keep your eyes on.

Always Sometimes Monsters (Preview) (Interview)

Batman: Arkham Origins (Preview)

Bayonetta 2 (Preview)

The Bridge (Preview)

Contrast (Preview)

Foul Play (Preview)

Hotline Miami 2 (Preview)

Incognita (Preview)

Jungle Rumble (Preview)

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Preview)

Neverending Nightmares (Preview) (Interview)

Samurai Gunn (Preview)

The Stanley Parable (Preview) (Interview)

Super Time Force (Preview)

Telepath Tactics (Preview) (Interview)

Titanfall (Preview)

Transistor (Preview) (Interview)

Watch Dogs (Preview)

The Wolf Among Us (Preview) (Interview)

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