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PAX13 – Jungle Rumble Hands-On Preview


PAX13 – Jungle Rumble Hands-On Preview

When we checked out Jungle Rumble at Supercon earlier this year, it was the most polished game we saw. A nice, refreshing breeze in the sea of stink that filled that tiny convention. Truly, it was simply a solid rhythm iOS game.

The gameplay will have you tapping your feet, bobbing your head, and feeling completely in control once you get it down right. You move monkeys around tree branches by tapping in specific rhythms on screen to get them around. You’ll need to memorize the tapping moves you need to do to complete a variety of actions through the map. Each level usually consists of branches, monkeys, coconuts, and enemies in your way. With a cute art style and a catchy beat, you’re off as you try to complete each level (by reaching the end branch) as quickly as possible.

Losing track of your beat can be frustrating in Jungle Rumble as it’s not very forgiving of you doing so. However, this only adds to the satisfaction of completing a level perfectly with no hiccups. When you really get into the beat, you’re able to breeze through it, but not without having to think about your next move. The strategy involved makes it less of a simple rhythm game and more of a puzzle platformer.

For being unique, addictive, colorful, and smooth to play, Jungle Rumble received one of our Drool Awards this year. Days later and I still think about that beat and tapping motion. Keep an eye on this iOS juggernaut and more information, here!

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