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PAX13 – Hotline Miami 2 Hands-On Preview


PAX13 – Hotline Miami 2 Hands-On Preview


Hotline Miami 2 was easily my most anticipated game of PAX. I played the original game a few months back when the vita port came out and fell absolutely in love with everything about it. Hotline Miami 2 takes everything I loved about the first game and just runs with it.

Not much has changed in the gameplay department. We’re still looking at that twin-stick-esque, ultra-violence we fell in love with during the first game, but this time around, things are accentuated in the story department. The story from the original Hotline Miami will be carried on and expanded upon, including stories from new factions to be introduced in the game. The story will be told through each of these factions, each with different stories and characters. And while old characters may make appearances, you won’t be playing as Jacket this time around.

To be entirely honest, the only major changes are that bosses have been cut entirely from the gameplay and that many of the masks worn now appear to be worn out and deconstructed. Hotline Miami 2 was originally planned as a DLC so its only to be expected that not too much is really changing.

Hotline Miami 2 won’t be around until an undisclosed day in 2014, but when it does release it’ll be on all systems (PC, OSX, Linux, PS4, Vita)  at once. It was one of our Drool Award winners.

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