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PAX13 – ‘Grim Balance’ Prototype Hands-On Preview


PAX13 – ‘Grim Balance’ Prototype Hands-On Preview



Among the many massive titles showcased at PAX Prime this year, it’s important to remember the little guys as well. From Little Reaper Games comes a new platformer called Grim Balance.

Currently in its pre-alpha stage, I was only able to see the general basics of Grim Balance. In the game, you play as the Grim Reaper’s apprentice who has accidentally let out a bunch of souls and must put them back from where they came from before the Grim Reaper gets home. It’s like the tale of Pandora’s box, but cuter.

The little reaper is armed with a scythe that has blue and red slashes to reap the blue and red spirits, respectively. You must essentially traverse the levels gathering souls until you have enough to enter certain doors and keep on cleaning up. The tricky part is in the movement though. The little reaper’s movements rely heavily on momentum, which can make short little jumps a little more difficult to pull off. Still, the game is only six weeks into development. I’m hoping the physics will be altered to make platforming a lot easier.

Vanity is apparently the Grim Reapers greatest vice.

Vanity is apparently the Grim Reaper’s greatest vice.

Certain parts also call for quick reflexes as you might want to quickly use a red slash and then a blue slash in the middle of a leap across a level. Pulling off these moves feels challenging and satisfying. Slashes also give life to certain objects either animating them or stopping them in their tracks to help you scale other parts of the levels. It’s an interesting concept that I would love to see explored more. The only problem is that, right now, the scythe’s hit box is a little too small, so any hits would have to be a little too precise.

The environments are pleasant enough with a light sort of personality. Details like the Grim Reaper’s portraits of himself framed in his living  room are nice touches. It’s hard to tell where else the game might be taken beyond the Grim Reaper’s humble abode, but hopefully, it’ll turn out great.

Grim Balance is currently looking like a small indie game with plenty of potential. We’ll keep you updated once the game is more fully developed and more details are revealed, such as release dates and platforms.

For more information on Little Reaper Games, you can check them out right here.

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